Supply Crate – Ciera

Hey, we have some great news for you today. We have delivered another supply crate to some soldiers in need! Our destination this time brought us to an incredible service woman named Ciera who is based in Afghanistan. Lets learn a little more about her shall we?

Hi, my unit is currently deployed to Afghanistan we are on a small base. I’m currently volunteering at a morale building to help not only my unit but other is units on this base. We would really appreciate being able to give both army and Air Force troops here a place to hang out.

Did somebody say gaming room? We would love to help you Ciera, it sounds like you guys need the equipment, why don’t we help you with that. It is our privilege to help soldiers like yourself find ways to unwind and relax from the stress of your daily lives.

We were so happy to fulfill this request, but we couldn’t do it without the help of our friend Cahlaflour who sponsored this crate. Ciera and her friends in Afghanistan, as well as us here at Stack Up are truly thankful for your love and support. If you would like to help support our troops like this, then please take the link below and fill out an application for a service member in need today.

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